The Power of Employee Engagement


Employees are the dealership’s most valued assets — your employees drive the financial success of the dealership. When your employees are “highly engaged” your dealership will experience:

  • Higher employee morale
  • Employees committed to the dealership
  • Higher levels of employee & customer satisfaction
  • Peak performance/production
  • Employee retention
  • Yes, a higher level of net profit that puts money in the bank!

A highly engaged workforce is characterized by employees who are:

  1. Physically engaged — exerts full effort into my job.
  2. Emotionally engaged — being enthusiastic about my job.
  3. Cognitively engaged — being absorbed with my job.

“Employee Engagement” is driven by the dealership culture and the manner in which supervisors interact with their employees.

The Gallup Poll tells us that only 35% of employees are highly engaged. In this webinar, learn how to improve employee engagement by implementing some of the best management practices that drive high employee engagement.

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Webinar Presenter Larry Cole

LARRY COLE, Ph.D., is a lead trainer for and consultant to the Western Equipment Dealers Association’s Dealer Institute. He provides onsite training and public courses to improve business leadership effectiveness and internal and external customer service. Please send questions and/or comments to Larry at



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