Why Smart Supervisors Do Stupid Things? [Webinar]


There are many behaviors that supervisors use that end up shooting themselves in the foot. In this webinar, Larry Cole, Ph.D. will review these 8 behaviors that he has seen working and evaluating dealer organizations. As Larry presents the content, he will be contrasting an elite leader/supervisor who strives to implement these 8 behaviors vs those who don’t. Additionally, he offers suggestions on “why” supervisors engage in these destructive behaviors.

  1. Leading by example — positive and negative
  2. Humility vs egotistical
  3. Participatory vs autocratic
  4. Delegation/empowerment vs micromanagement
  5. Accountability vs lack of accountability
  6. Being kept informed vs not being kept informed
  7. Mistakes equal learning vs punishing, berating the victim
  8. Teamwork vs noncooperation

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