WEDA Launches New Microsite For Magazines And Association News


Kansas City, MO (November 3, 2020) – Western Equipment Dealers Association (WEDA) is pleased to announce the addition of a new, innovative, and creative digital knowledge center to connect dealers to real-time industry news and information.

This new site is your one-stop-shop for news updates from the association on policy, government regulations, manufacturer relations, industry articles, podcasts, webinars, surveys, training, and much more.

With WEDA providing an array of programs and services to its members, this new microsite includes the WEDA Connect podcast series that explores all the hot topics affecting the equipment dealer industry. You will find featured webinars, Industry Insights, as well as insightful videos, and training opportunities from Dealer Institute.

And to top it off, WEDA’s flagship publications, Canadian Equipment Dealer and Western Equipment Dealer magazine articles which feature some of the equipment industry’s most notable experts in dealership management, is available to dealers and others in the industry as an optional way to access and share the valuable content.

“We wanted to create a microsite available to dealers and their executive team that would deliver all of WEDA’s digital programs in one multilevel site,” says WEDA CEO John Schmeiser. “With our mission to be the most efficient and innovative provider of value-added services and solutions to successful dealers, we feel this microsite brings together the important information dealers need to know, all in one place.”

And what does this mean for our advertisers and sponsors? With the addition of a microsite for WEDA publications, advertisers will appear in both the printed magazine plus online. Schmeiser says, “It was important for us to provide advertisers the opportunity to deliver their message to dealers in Canada or the United States (or both countries simultaneously), using interactive Advertising Bureau standard leaderboard and big-box sizes. Geo-targeting information based on country offers our advertising partners increased reach and new digital programs targeted directly to best support their target audience.”

Designed with the dealer in mind, we are excited about the launch of our new microsite at The power of the platform provides global access to dealers and advertisers as we move forward with real-time value for the industry.

About Western Equipment Dealers Association

WEDA represents over 2,000 farm, industrial and outdoor power equipment dealers in every Canadian province with the exception of Quebec – as well as nine states in the U.S. – Alaska, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, and Washington.  WEDA also represents 1,250 U.S. hardware retailers in the same U.S. states plus Arkansas, Louisiana, and Nebraska.  As the largest equipment dealer association in North America and the largest regional trade association of its kind in North America, WEDA offers members a comprehensive array of dealer-oriented legislative, educational, and communications services, ranging from lobbying to legal, and accounting and marketing support.  WEDA also provides products and services that include industry and manufacturer relations, as well as industry information and intelligence. The Association’s many programs are either available only to members or provided at a reduced cost for members. Visit for more information.

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