NAEDA Announces Release of 2022 Compensation & Benefits Report


Kansas City, MO (December 19, 2022) – The North American Equipment Dealers Association (NAEDA) is pleased to announce the release of its 2022 Compensation & Benefits Report. At 120+ pages, this report is the equipment industry’s most comprehensive collection of data on dealership compensation and benefits. Survey data is collected every two years from agriculture, construction and outdoor power equipment (OPE) dealers across North America.

The Compensation and Benefits Survey questionnaire includes wage data relative to office or professional staff, sales, parts and service departments. The survey was designed to capture data on wages and total compensation of dealership employees, comments on the composition of commission/bonus programs and employee benefit offerings. The data collected from the survey has been broken down between the U.S. and Canada and by region within the two countries. The survey data is also broken out by sales volume. 

The survey questionnaire was reviewed and evaluated by industry experts, key dealer management, human resource personnel, insurance/benefits experts and NAEDA staff.

In 2022, 720 equipment dealer ownership groups submitted data, the highest participation to date. These dealers represent 2,129 dealership locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. 

“The participation in this survey has grown year after year since we expanded the scope and the depth of the survey,” said Kim Rominger, NAEDA CEO. “The breakout by dealership sales volume, in addition to both U.S. and Canadian regional numbers, provides a more localized report that brings more value to the data.”

The members who completed the survey will receive a link to download a complimentary copy of the report. If you did not participate in the survey, you may order a copy of the report here.

The Compensation & Benefits survey and corresponding report are just one of the many services NAEDA provides its members. In addition to leading the federal government affairs and manufacturer relations for dealers across North America, NAEDA also conducts the industry’s Dealer Manufacturer Relations Survey, the Cost of Doing Business Study and Workforce Development Survey.

“Our 2022 Compensation & Benefits Report is truly a benchmark for dealership owners and human resources personnel in the equipment industry,” added Rominger. “No matter what size of the dealership, there is incredible information in this report.”

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