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Northern Irish Innovators Expanding in the U.S. & Canada

Farming is big business for Northern Ireland. At least 75% of land in the region – one of the four that make up the UK – is used for agriculture, and the local industry has spawned major agricultural brands such as Norbrook Laboratories and investors like Kingspan.

Northern Ireland is a global leader in equipment manufacturing, technology and academic research in the field. This combination of expertise – coupled with a love of the land and passion for innovation – means Northern Ireland farms for the future, developing innovative, reliable farming equipment and agri-tech that can help increase profits, manage land, boost yields and safeguard food quality.

Modern Manufacturing & Machinery

Northern Ireland manufactures the composite wings and fuselage for Airbus; supplies 30% of the world’s aircraft seats; designs and manufactures the iconic London double-decker bus, today powered by hydrogen; and produces 40% of the world’s mobile crushing and screening machines for the global construction industry.

This engineering strength also manifests in world-leading farm equipment manufacturing. The region is home to a cluster of companies producing a comprehensive range of agricultural machinery: slurry tankers and dribble bars, trailers, livestock handling, and grassland management equipment.

Companies from Northern Ireland have an established track record in international trade, exporting to over 100 countries. They bring their success to the global agricultural industry, providing innovative, reliable equipment capable of helping all types of farms solve day-to-day problems and farm with the future in mind.

WEDA Connects with Northern Ireland

WEDA has partnered with Invest Northern Ireland – the economic development agency that promotes trade and investment between Northern Ireland and the rest of the world – to highlight some of these businesses.

In a series of three WEDA Connect podcasts, WEDA staff speaks to representatives from Kingspan, Blaney Group and UPU Industries about the agricultural equipment they produce in Northern Ireland and export internationally.

All three companies have the capacity and capability to service the U.S. and Canada markets, and are seeking dealer/distributor partners in North America to help them grow their business. Here is a look at their offerings…

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Listen to the WEDA Connect podcasts with all three companies at

Kingspan’s TruckMaster

Lightweight portable tanks for storing and dispensing fuel on-site

The Kingspan TruckMaster is easy to fill at the pump.

Kingspan is a multi-billion-dollar industry player, with offices and manufacturing facilities around the globe. Northern Ireland is where it manufactures innovative tanks like the TruckMaster, a high-quality mobile fuel storage and dispensing system specifically designed for the safe transport of diesel fuel. With four capacities ranging from 200-430 liters and the ability to be stored on the back of a truck, it allows users to conveniently transfer and refuel remotely on-site. Their accompanying smart monitoring system provides real-time data for full visibility and control of assets, tracking consumption and alerting to sudden drops.

The TruckMaster makes field refueling simple and safe.

The TruckMaster is a great solution for the North American agriculture and construction industries, and the company seeks to expand distribution and retail sales in the U.S. and Canada.

Learn more about Kingspan from Laura Juhas, business development manager, by writing to or calling +44 (0)77 80 492 678.

Blaney Group

A full portfolio of attachments for ATVs, quads and tractors

The Blaney Agri eight-foot offset Weed Wiper is excellent for controlling weed growth in fields.

Blaney Group is made up of a number of engineering divisions with almost 30 years of experience creating products for agriculture, ground care, construction, fabrication, gear systems, and motors.

Their Quad-X division manufactures over 140 attachments for ATVs, UTVs, and quads, suited for the agricultural industry, landscapers, amenities, small acreage holders, and the equestrian market. The range is ideal for grass care, weed control, and livestock care needs. In particular, Blaney is a pioneer of ATV weed control machinery: sprayers, booms and weed wipers. The company’s “Weed Wipeout 2” model incorporates double rollers, automatic weed detection, and automatic chemical application system for fast and effective weed control. This unique solution treats only the weeds, giving faster kill rates while achieving up to 97% less chemical usage.

The Quad-X spreader from Blaney turns an ATV operator into a productive worker.

The company’s Blaney Agri division produces similarly advanced solutions for larger-scale use on tractors, particularly for weed control, bedding, feeding, mowing, shredding and hedge-cutting.

Blaney Group is seeking enthusiastic and ambitious Canada dealer/distributor partners.

Learn more about the Blaney Group from Gillian Bonnar, export development specialist, by writing to or calling +44 (0)28 25 872 800.

UPU Industries

High-performance net wrap and baler twine with agricultural and industrial applications

Farmer’s Superwrap is one of UPU’s branded products for round bales.

UPU Industries manufactures high-performance bale netting for premium crop protection. Founded in Northern Ireland more than 40 years ago, this family-run business provides its range of wrapping products to over 30 countries worldwide and has a sister manufacturing base in Kansas City that serves both the U.S. and Canada markets.

The UPU Farmer’s brand specializes in big bale solutions, including net wrapping, pallet netting and baler twine for hay, straw, stalks and silage baling. Using innovative production techniques, their net wrap is perfectly flat across the whole roll of netting. Field testing has demonstrated that this guarantees a tighter bale with over-the-edge cover to ensure the most efficient storage and transportation of round bales.

Farmer’s e2e Netwrap from UPU is suitable for all round balers and designed for high performance.

Sustainability is a core value for the brand – their products can all be recycled and reused – and UPU can brand product with a customer’s own colors, logos and trademarks.

UPU has developed business partnerships and alliances worldwide, but is working to grow its business and expand the reach of its industry-leading products in North America.

UPU is seeking new distributors and dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada for its full range of bale wrap, twine and netting.

Learn more about UPU Industries from Sharon Moffitt, export sales manager, by writing to or calling +44 (0)78 33 464 737.

Written in partnership with Invest Northern Ireland

Invest Northern Ireland

Promoting trade between Northern Ireland and the rest of the world

Invest Northern Ireland is the region’s economic development agency, responsible for promoting trade and investment between Northern Ireland and the rest of the world. An Associate Member of WEDA, Invest NI can connect WEDA members with agricultural equipment suppliers and manufacturers seeking North American dealers.

To learn more, write to Michael Barton, regional director of trade and investment for Invest Northern Ireland, at or call +1 416-509-3225.


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