Dress for Success – What Image is Your Staff Portraying to the Customer



Wardrobe still makes an impression.

It’s unlikely customers who visit equipment dealerships will conduct a red-carpet review of how employees are dressed. But it doesn’t mean they don’t notice what people are wearing.

In the business world – even in social situations – a second chance to make a good impression is a rarity. This means you need to come out of the locker room looking like a professional. Whether you trade with a retailer whose employees wear blue coats or eat at a restaurant where staff is dressed like cartoon characters, appearance still matters to most consumers.

In this webinar Alan Pipe discusses how a managed uniform program can:

  • Add significantly to advertising strategy
  • Build consumer confidence in your product/service
  • Assure customers that your employee’s are legitimate
  • Improve team morale
  • Enhance brand image

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