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In this episode, Mike Kraemer speaks with WEDA CEO John Schmeiser about the free online service technician test that can be used to gauge potential recruits or current technician’s knowledge and skill levels. Learn more about this industry-specific test and how members can access it. Brought to you by the Western Equipment Dealers Foundation and the Canada Equipment Dealers Foundation

Service Technician Skills/Knowledge Test


Designed to recognize the high-performing technicians in dealerships or used for evaluating prospective technicians during the hiring process, dealers have found this test to be both an efficient and cost-effective tool for evaluating current and potential employees.
The test is divided into nine sections with 10 questions in each segment:
  1. General Shop Knowledge, Tools, and Safety
  2. Engine Basics
  3. Engine Troubleshooting/Tune-Up
  4. Power Trains/Drivelines
  5. Electrical Principles
  6. Electrical Circuits and Schematics
  7. Hydraulics
  8. Diesel Engines
  9. Air Conditioning Systems
With many dealers hiring technicians from overseas, hard copies of the test are also available in French, German, Spanish, and Ukrainian.

Online and On-Demand

Administered online, the test can be taken at a schedule and location that best meets your needs. Enrollment is a simple process. Dealers simply email the technician’s name, and a username and access code are emailed to the dealer principal, service manager, or human resources manager. Participants complete a comprehensive online assessment by answering a series of questions based on various topics. Results are available and provide detailed insights into a participant’s expertise as well as skills gaps.

Steps to the On-Demand Web-Based Testing

  • Contact the WEDA Office in the U.S. (800) 661-2452 | Canada (800) 661-2452 or
  • Provide WEDA with the technician name(s) you are registering
  • A username and access code are emailed to the dealer contact who registered the technician(s)
  • The technician will have a maximum of two hours to complete the test
  • Test results are administered by WEDA and will be provided after the conclusion of the exam

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