An In-Depth Review of the 2021 Cost of Doing Business Study [Webinar]


Understanding the current financial state of the farm equipment industry is crucial to establishing benchmarks and comparisons for your dealership. Equipment Dealer Consulting LLC, the certified accounting firm affiliated with Western Equipment Dealers Assn. (WEDA), has released the 2021 Cost of Doing Business Study, a financial and business operations study providing you with straightforward guidelines for analyzing the profitability of equipment dealerships including all brands across the United States and Canada.

Gord Thompson and Curt Kleoppel, CPA, CVA, review and analyze the findings from this year’s report and what that could mean for your dealership in 2022. Gord and Curt evaluate and provide commentary on…

  • Changes in equity and gross profit margin
  • Changes of inventory as a percentage of assets
  • How dealers are controlling their used inventory
  • How to use this report for valuations, estate planning, and mergers across North America
  • What Impact Covid-19 may have had on this year’s study

The Cost of Doing Business Survey was sponsored by Iron Solutions and West Texas National Bank.

This FREE webinar is brought to you by Farm Equipment magazine and the Western Equipment Dealers Assn. (WEDA).

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Purchase the Cost of Doing Business Study SouthWestern, Pacific Northwest, and Canada Click Here. Please contact the participating associations directly to purchase their reports (United, Midwest-Southeastern, and Deep Southern participated)


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