Western Equipment Dealers Association Announces Partnership with Secuvant™ to Offer Equipment Dealers Solutions to Protect Their Business from Cyberattacks



Through this partnership, both companies plan to further educate and protect the agricultural, industrial, outdoor power, and forestry industries from detrimental cybersecurity hacks.

September 14, 2021 (Kansas City, MO) Secuvant™, a leader in strategic managed security and risk advisory services, today announced it has entered into a partnership with the Western Equipment Dealers Association (WEDA). This partnership aims to provide white-glove services, unparalleled cybersecurity resources, and expert industry insight to help protect WEDA members who operate in the agricultural, industrial, outdoor power, and forestry industries from cybersecurity attacks.

The partnership comes at a vital time where nearly every industry uses technology to make its operations more efficient. However, newfound technology and advancements also create a target for cybercrimes within vulnerable industries, which includes the equipment industry. Through a combined effort that uses Secuvant’s cybersecurity experts and WEDA’s profound list of industry members, this partnership will help further protect WEDA members, their employees, and their customers as these operations become more reliant on digitized data.

“Due to the increasing supply chain demand, the equipment industry has had to prioritize production before anything else, including protecting themselves from cyberattacks,” said Secuvant™ Founder and CEO, Ryan Layton. “While technology is able to help make the supply chain demands feasible, it, unfortunately, comes at a price. Organizations large and small must understand the importance of cybersecurity because a simple attack can bring down a company in seconds. We plan to use this partnership with WEDA to further educate businesses in the agriculture, industrial, outdoor power, and forestry spaces on the importance of having a cybersecurity partner, ways they can protect their businesses from attacks, and more. This is the type of partnership that can not only improve businesses but protect the country’s major supply chains as well.”

The partnership with WEDA is further evidence of Secuvant becoming a global leader in providing strategic, white-glove security services to targeted markets and industries globally. By leveraging a partnership such as this, Secuvant™ is able to more deeply engage in building stronger business relationships with clients and focus extensively on meaningful, value-added security services that reduce risk.

Jim Walker, Secuvant’s agriculture and construction expert commented, “There are more than two million farms in the United States alone, and we have found that most dealers do not have the knowledge or tools to implement cybersecurity. Through this partnership, we are able to ultimately help protect North American dealers from suffering from a severe supply chain or business disruptions due to a cyberattack and help educate the industry on vulnerabilities.”

“Our association is taking a proactive approach in assisting our members with their cybersecurity concerns,” said John Schmeiser, CEO, WEDA. “Unfortunately, we have learned of data breaches at a few dealerships, so we know that hackers are targeting our industry and taking advantage of vulnerable dealerships. Secuvant’s services are there to help our dealers protect themselves in this critical area.”

For inquiries on this release, please contact John Schmeiser at info@westerneda.com.

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