WEDA’s Online Ag Technician Test a Success for Dealers


Western Equipment Dealers Association is pleased to advise that over 600 Online Ag Technician tests have been administered since inception of this valuable program.

Designed to recognize high performing technicians in dealerships, or used for evaluating prospective technicians during the hiring process, WEDA members have found this test to be both an efficient and cost-effective tool for evaluating current or potential employees.

Developed in cooperation with Saskatchewan Polytechnic and Ohio State University, the WEDA Online Ag Technician test is available at no charge for WEDA members.

The test is divided into nine sections with 10 questions in each segment: General Shop Knowledge, Tools and Safety; Engine Basics; Engine Troubleshooting/Tune-Up; Power Trains/Drivelines; Electrical Principles; Electrical Circuits and Schematics; Hydraulics; Diesel Engines; and, Air Conditioning Systems.

The scoring results of the above individual disciplines help dealers to identify technicians with specific skill sets and to identify the training needs of new and existing employees.

“What started as a vision to help dealers with the ag technician shortage in our industry, has grown to provide a value-added service that many WEDA members rely on during their hiring process or to determine a technician’s strengths and areas that they may need to improve on,” said John Schmeiser, CEO, WEDA. “We are pleased that dealers see value in this program as part of their hiring process or evaluating the skills of existing employees.”

Administered online, the test can be taken anytime from anywhere in the world. Enrollment is a simple process. Dealers simply email the technician’s name, and a username and access code are emailed to the dealer principal, service manager, or human resources manager. Once the test has been completed, the results are emailed back to the requesting point person in the dealership. Technicians are allowed 2 hours to complete the test.

If you have any questions or are interested in having an employee or prospective employee take the test, please contact Joanne Olson at, Katie Clark at or contact the Association office at 1-800-661-2452.


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