Take your small business to the next level with new point-of-sale tool from Elavon


Operators of small businesses like landscaping services, hairdressers or farmers market vendors can enjoy the convenience of accepting payments through their mobile device using a free talech app. But for those operators who would prefer not to use their personal phones, we now offer a free software plan, called talech Terminal, that pairs with a new hand-held device, the Ingenico Axium DX8000.

This affordable, WiFi- and 4G-enabled point-of-sale solution is perfect for basic payment transactions for businesses that move from job to job or operate from a fixed location. For added convenience, it comes with a built-in card reader and receipt printer. The device has a long battery life for all-day selling.

The following functions are also available at no additional cost and can be optionally activated from the device:

  • talech Invoicing – Online billing management that allows you to create, view, track and manage invoices from start to finish.
  • talech Credit Card Surcharge1 – Compliantly offset some of the cost of credit card acceptance by adding a surcharge for credit card use.

Contact us to find out how talech Terminal can help your business or about other talech options designed to scale with your business.

1Certain state or local laws may restrict or limit the amount of the surcharge percentage. Although we offer surcharging in most states, Merchants are responsible for determining the legality of surcharging in their states, and merchants are liable if their activities are found to be unlawful. Credit card surcharge applies to credit card only, not available on debit cards.


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