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May 25, 2021 (Kansas City, MO) WEDA proudly announces partnership with SiteDocs Safety Management Software!

Your homework is done on digital safety. Western Equipment Dealers Association saves you time by vetting and selecting the best partner for your digital safety transformation.

Safety Compliance is hard and even harder on paper. SiteDocs Safety Management Software helps companies streamline operations with digital forms, ensuring compliance with real-time monitoring and advanced analytics which leads to fewer workplace injuries. This makes safety compliance easier for everyone, saving time, money, and lives.

WEDA has done the homework for you to find the best tool, so you can keep up with the digital wave sweeping across the safety and compliance industry. With SiteDocs, we are aligned to put your crew’s safety first. Clients who switch to digital with SiteDocs save time on paperwork and paper costs, see a decrease in job site incidents, and gain deeper proactive insights from their form data. We have guided others to SiteDocs with glowing reviews and we want to help your company in the same way.

“In conversations with our members, they shared that they were looking for easier solutions in managing their safety initiatives, especially across multiple locations. Sitedocs has a solid track record in helping companies streamline their operations and ensuring compliance with real-time monitoring. We know this will be of huge benefit to equipment dealers.” says WEDA CEO John Schmeiser.

SiteDocs is North America’s fastest-growing app in the HSE space, and for good reason, word of mouth on job sites are spreading fast about how much time and money is saved. SiteDocs is a completely customizable tool dedicated to Safety and Compliance. SiteDocs was awarded the easiest tool to use in its space, “The crew learned how to navigate SiteDocs and sign documents very easily.” says Roy the Foreman at OZZ Electric.

Who is SiteDocs? Enter, Kent Bergstrom, SiteDocs CEO. “Since 2012, our goal has been to remove the headache of paperwork and help companies like yours achieve their workplace safety goals.” Development of the SiteDocs Safety Management Program is continuously improved by their in-house safety experts, and through extensive customer collaboration. In researching platforms, WEDA has come to trust that this team back up their promises.

SiteDocs Customer Success (aka Support Team) is also the highest-rated in the industry. We are confident you’ll have stories like the 3000+ other companies, and nearly 80,000 signatures daily that have created safer cultures by going digital with SiteDocs:

“SiteDocs has fundamentally changed our Health & Safety Program for the better.”

               – Linda Benoit, Chief Admin & HSE Officer. Teichroeb Construction & Management Co.

“The ROI is tenfold. One person saved 4 hours in the first week. “

– Danielle Zivav, Director of Finance 

“What used to take me 5-6 tedious hours now takes less than one! Before SiteDocs, it was a lengthy process, reviewing paperwork and completing my monthly tracker report. By going paperless with SiteDocs, I can review my documents and create my reports in no time.” 

– Marissa, Centrica Business Solutions

WEDA Members receive unlimited free form creation when they purchase SiteDocs. To learn more about SiteDocs please book a demo or email



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