Review Your Hiring Practices to Make the Right Hiring Choices


When it comes to hiring new employees in the equipment dealer industry, you want the best to represent your company and work with your current team.

As you begin your hiring search, keep in mind the importance of doing your research and remaining transparent about the job you’re hiring for. In addition, stressing the importance of maintaining a work culture based on safety and risk management right off the bat can help your new hire know what is expected of them.

The following tips might benefit you when it comes time to begin the hiring process:

Find the right fit for the job.

Your hiring decision can have a ripple effect on your company and employees. Take time to find a person who understands the value that safety, risk management, and teamwork have within your business, and who is willing to comply with company policies.

Make sure your job description is clear.

When creating a job description, fully list out necessary criteria, and note all job responsibilities. Explain your company’s policies surrounding workplace safety, and provide general information about the training they can anticipate down the road.

Conduct a background check and check references.

Where applicable by law, conducting background checks and contacting references can give you great insight into your potential new hire. Their past experiences can provide feedback into the kind of employee they are and offer insight into how they might work with the rest of your team.

While there’s no guaranteed way to avoid making a poor hiring choice, it can make a big difference to take extra steps to find a good fit. To learn more about hiring practices, reach out to your local Federated® marketing representative today. Federated Insurance® is proud to work with NAEDA for the benefit of all members.

By: Equipment Dealer Specialist Jerry Leemkuil, Federated Mutual Insurance Company


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