North American Equipment Dealers Association Recognized by U.S. Navy Reserve


USS Midway Museum

NAEDA is pleased to share that they have been recognized by the U.S. Navy Reserve as an employer that provides exceptional support to their citizen Sailor’s naval service. The award was presented to NAEDA at the Navy Employer Recognition Event (NERE) at the USS Midway in San Diego, CA on June 7, 2023.

Right John Schmeiser COO of NAEDA, Left Rear Admiral Grant Mager, Deputy Chief of Navy Reserve

The U.S. Navy Reserve provides strategic depth and delivers operational capabilities to the Navy and Marine Corps and U.S. Joint forces, in times of peace and war. It consists of more than 45,000 Selected Reserve (SELRES) Sailors, 10,000 Training and Administration of the Reserve (TAR) Sailors, 48,000 Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) members and roughly 400 civilians.

Kipp McGuire – Director of Government Affairs for NAEDA

NAEDA’s Kipp McGuire, who is the association’s Washington D.C. based Director of Government Affairs, also serves as a Reserve Intelligence Officer with the Indo-Pacific Command (INDOPACOM), and Joint Intelligence Operations Center (JIOC), and he nominated NAEDA for this award.

“Kipp’s background and experience has been a benefit to NAEDA,” stated Kim Rominger, NAEDA CEO. “He has brought an interesting mix of naval intelligence, legislative oversight, research, analysis, and lobbying experience to our organization. Additionally, his contacts in Washington D.C. are extensive and ideal for NAEDA’s federal government affairs activities.”

“NAEDA’s support has been crucial in helping me remain active and successful as a Navy Reserve Officer,” stated LTJG McGuire.  “They have been nothing but enthusiastic about my continued service to the country and have taken action to support their words.”

Navy Employer Recognition Event

“NAEDA is honored to be nominated for this distinguished award, let alone be officially recognized by the Navy Reserve in this manner,” added Rominger. “Our service members serve on the front lines, often in dangerous locations, to ensure the safety of the American people and our allies. Service members are a force for good in the world, which is why it is crucial we stand behind them. Encouraging LTJG McGuire to continue in the Navy Reserve in an important role is our small way of sharing support for our service members.”


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