NAEDA Notables – 2023 CEDF Scholarships – Watch for NAEDA’s email announcement for this year’s application.


The purpose of the CEDF Scholarship Program is to assist in the training, re-training, or advancement of employees or potential employees of Canadian farm, industrial and outdoor power equipment dealers in order to create a larger pool of qualified, committed long-term employees for those dealerships.


NAEDA’s CEDF Scholarship Program is available to all employees or potential employ­ees of Canadian farm, industrial and outdoor power equipment dealer members, subject to the following:

  • Employees or potential employees must be approved by the dealer principal for training, re-training or professional advancement.
  • The employee or potential employee must be enrolled and accepted in a higher education curriculum, which is approved by the dealer principal as training applicable to the dealership’s needs.
  • Scholarship recipients must be enrolled full-time in the approved course of study. An employee working towards certification in the ag industry.
  • The dealer principal must be willing to provide matching funds in the amount of up to $1,000 per recipient per year and must be a current member of Western Equipment Dealers Association.


CEDF scholarships are currently set at up to $1,000 per recipient per year. The CEDF Board, based on the availability of funds, will determine the number of scholarships and the amount of the scholarships available on an an­nual basis. Scholarship funds will be divided at the dis­cretion of the Board as follows:

  • Ag Technician Programs
  • Parts & Sales Programs
  • Other higher education curriculums approved by dealers as being beneficial to dealership operations, including but not limited to; business, accounting and management.

The CEDF Board of Directors will deter­mine awards. If scholarship requests exceed funds available, the scholarship awards will be made by random drawing.

Scholarship awards are renewable for each subsequent year of the student’s educational program, as long as the student remains eligi­ble and the dealer principal agrees to partici­pate with matching funds. Students must re­apply annually, and submit a progress report from their faculty advisor, dean or department chairperson.

Scholarship funds will be directed to the student to offset costs of tuition after the com­pletion of their semester or school year. Any breech of enrollment or unsatisfactory per­formance in the course of a student’s studies will result in cancellation of the scholarship, at which time any remaining scholarship funds will be returned equally to the dealer and as­sociation.

The online application can be found at

Contact our office for more information at: Toll Free: 800.661.2452 Email:

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