Make taking online payments easier with a Buy Button


During this season of giving, there is a way to make taking payments for goods or accepting donations online easier. Create a simple checkout experience by adding a Buy Button to provide convenience for your customer and potentially increase sales.

With the Converge omnicommerce platform, you can create a button for a website or a hyperlink that can be emailed or even added to a social media post. The button or link will take your customer to a secure payment page where they can pay with their method of their choice, including a credit card or digital wallet.

Key benefits

  • Simply generate a Buy Button code that you can copy and paste anywhere you are able to add HTML, with no advanced coding necessary.
  • Buttons/hyperlinks can be used outside your online store, including on blogs, ads, emails and social media.
  • Customize the Buy Button for your brand. Choose the format, font, colors and text, and have it automatically resize to fit all media types.

To use the Buy Button feature, you will need to be approved for an internet processing account along with an API user account ID. Contact the Customer Service team to set up your API user account at 800-777-7240.

Getting started
Once you have the required internet processing account and API user ID, set up your Hosted Payment Page. This is the payment page your customers will see once they click on your button or link. The page enables your customer to input their card information and make a payment.

Watch the video* to learn more about the Buy Button.


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