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As a best practice, personality assessments can be a tool before final interview, but we need to be aware it can give a selection committee tunnel vision. They are great for helping people grow and develop but should only be factored in for 15% of the hiring decision. The psychology of human beings is a minefield. If we had it figured out and assessments were a science that delivered a match, everyone would take it in school and that would dictate our career choice and future path. Personality assessments appeal for the same reasons as astrology, numerology and Harry Potters sorting hat, because it’s fun to divide people into categories and tap into their desire to be told what makes them unique and where they fit. It’s a huge industry, $500 million annually with annual growth of 10-15%. There are many to choose from; ProfileXT, True Colors, DiSC, and Predictive Index to name a few. We will focus on Kolbe and Myers-Briggs (MBTI).Myers-Briggs makes human resources into an algorithm: give your employee a quiz, and within minutes you’ll know whether they’re social (E) or quiet (I), interested in detail (S) or the big picture (N).

The tool can be very useful when used with perspective… not as the be all end all answer, but as a reference point. Even Dr. Jung, whose work inspired the MBTI test, acknowledged the limitations of type. “There is no such thing as a pure extrovert or a pure introvert,” he wrote. “Such a man would be in the lunatic asylum.”Kolbe gives insight into the amount of energy a person naturally has for any given task. For example, it does not mean if they have a low quick start that they can’t sell. It simply means if their work history, interview and references all say they can sell then they have pushed themselves and grown in that area. It’s not an intrinsic skill for them. It’s learned. But if it looks like a lousy sales duck, sounds like a lousy sales duck and the Kolbe lines up as well, it’s safe to say you’ve found one. Instead of using Kolbe, or any other assessment tools results as an excuse for laziness (well, my Kolbe says I’m no good at doing it that way), see it as more of a prediction of where problem areas could arise.

Assessments can be great tools for leadership development, giving people insight into their blind spots, strengths and weaknesses, as well as team building and conflict resolution. An assessment ideally forms the foundation of a development plan to help the leader or employee enhance strengths and close gaps on weaknesses. The best leaders always want to grow and get better! Don’t be a lazy hiring manager, recruiter or selection committee. Spend the time. Do the work. And you’ll find the right duck.

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