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T  he Department of Homeland Security has designated the U.S. food supply chain as one of the 16 critical infrastructure sectors vulnerable to both foreign and domestic attacks.

With the array of network interdependencies, vendor connections, supply chain demands and public agency oversight, cyber security isn’t something your dealership should take lightly.

What makes Dealerships a Target to cyber threats?

  • Farm equipment dealerships are a staple to the food supply chain therefore, they have a higher risk of cyber-attacks.
  • Ransomware and Cyber Extortion techniques have increased and make every company a potential target.
  • While the food and ag sectors have followed automation technology innovations, Dealers have not kept pace with modernizing their cybersecurity operations to support those advancements.

Cybersecurity threats from Mandiant’s 2022 data breach report

  • Software vulnerabilities (contributed to 32% of all breaches) are flaws within a software program, leading to potential unauthorized access or unexpected behaviors. Such weaknesses stem from factors like unpatched systems, mistakes in third-party code, or system misconfigurations.
  • Phishing emails, which deceive recipients into revealing sensitive information or downloading malicious content, are responsible for 22% of breaches.
  • Breaches involving stolen login credentials represent 14%.
  • A “Prior Compromise” refers to situations where an attacker has previously breached a system, maintained undetected access, and potentially leveraged this access for subsequent attacks. Such situations accounted for 12% of breaches.
  • Additional methods through which systems can be compromised include website hacking, brute force attacks, vulnerabilities in third-party associations, exposed internet servers, and issues related to personal devices used for work purposes. Together, these threats make up approximately 20% of the total breaches.

Keeping track of the existing threats and vulnerabilities within your dealership can be difficult and no one understands this better than Secuvant. Secuvant’s newly developed Panoptic solution allows dealers to stay on top of software and configuration vulnerabilities within a single solution, effectively addressing the #1 cause of breach for 2022 (per Mandiant).

The interactive graphics and tables allow users quickly assess trends and view their vulnerabilities in near real-time.

Stop cyber-attacks in their tracks and check out what NAEDA’s endorsed Secuvant Panoptic solution has to offer by contacting Kent Howard at for a demo today.

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